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Our culture is based on solid moral principles. At the same time, our business approach is flexible and seeks to maintain formality to a minimum.

1 \ Partnership

We are bounded by one common purpose that transcends our individual goals. We act as the owners of the business and we always put ourselves in our client’s shoes.


2 \ Simplicity ans Straightforwardness

Our stance on dealings is about straightforwardness and simplicity keeping the  legalese to a minimum.  Our Staff likes what they do. This is the spirit that we want to pass on to you. We like to build relationships with a personal approach, aiming at building mutual confidence.


3 \ People

The most important part of our business is the people we employ. We want to impress with results, with the quality of our work, with our objectivity and thoroughness as well as the ethics in conducting our business.


4 \ Transparency

Transparency is essential to us. Our pricing, the strategies we use, the criteria and methods are totally available.


5 \ Meritocracy of Ideas

Work quality and the best ideas always prevail in our culture, regardless of the seniority or status. We are committed to what is most beneficial to our clients, which, at times, means satisfying our own egos. Despite seniority, the best ideas prevail in our business discussions, which strengthens our commitment to select what is more beneficial to our clients.


6 \ Mutual Respect and Ethics

These are the qualities that prevail in our intraoffice relations. Hierarchy is a formality that yields quality. Verticalized, pyramid hierarchies don’t work anymore.


7 \ Workflow

No vertical hierarchy means that we share the workload in a continuous full rotation system. Work is assigned to whomever is best suited for it. We begin with a multi-disciplinary role and add assistants as needed, continuously reviewing our principles and the needs of our clients. That makes us professional with relevant experience and proven track record for each job.

8 \ Diversity

Msantos Intellectual Property is a firm that was already born young and diversified. Our goal is not to treat diversity as an exception, but as an intrinsic rule in our natural way of existing and coexisting in society. We are composed of employees and suppliers who reflect diversified and multicultural origins, who seek to respect all social plurality.


Every difference is important to form a committed and competent team, regardless of whether it is of race, sexual orientation, gender or religion. Our work environment is light and open to discussions and contributions, there is no hierarchy when it comes to valuing diversity and teamwork.


We are aware that our performance has an important social responsibility, since respecting differences directly implies the well-being of our customers, employees, and suppliers. We are plural and we want more and more to promote behavioral changes, both in the professional and personal spheres.


We care about the future, however, the essential thing is to make changes now. Our team is part of committees, projects and studies that discuss these issues that are so urgent and current, after all, the most praiseworthy thing is to apply and encourage the most beautiful discourses of social equity in the present.


Diversity is a continuous lesson that requires constant understanding and support for personal differences.

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