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We are a firm that was born young and diversified. Our goal is not to treat diversity as an exception but as an intrinsic rule in our natural way of existing and coexisting in society. We are composed of employees and suppliers who reflect diversified and multicultural origins, and who seek to respect all social plurality.

Every difference is important to form a committed and competent team, regardless of whether it is of race, sexual orientation, gender, or religion. Our work environment is light and open to discussions and contributions, there is no hierarchy when it comes to valuing diversity and teamwork.


We are aware that our performance has an important social responsibility since respecting differences directly implies the well-being of our customers, employees, and suppliers. We are plural and we want more and more to promote behavioral changes, both in the professional and personal spheres.


We care about the future, however, the essential thing is to make changes now. Our team is part of committees, projects, and studies that discuss these issues that are so urgent and current, after all, the most praiseworthy thing is to apply and encourage the most beautiful discourses of social equity in the present.


Diversity is a continuous lesson that requires constant understanding and support for personal differences.


If you need assistance with any aspect of IP law in Brazil, our highly experienced specialized intellectual property lawyers will be happy to help.


You can call us on +55.21.3747.1843, e-mail us at or use the contact form to ask us a question.

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