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IP Litigation

Our litigation team have over 25 years of combined intellectual property litigation experience, having achieved positive outcomes in even the most complex and contentious cases. We are often able to resolve IP disputes through mediation and the arbitration courts, but also have very strong court experience, so can always offer the best approach to defend your intellectual property.

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Disputes over intellectual property can be very disruptive, time-consuming and, of course, costly to yours or your clients’ businesses. Our focus is on resolving IP disputes quickly and cost-effectively without compromising yours or your clients’ interests.


Our partners Idalla Brum, Wagner Matsuzaki and Amanda Silva offer 25 years of combined experience prosecuting trademarks and patents in Brazil. We strive to use litigation only as a last resort, having achieved considerable success in even the most complex cases using mediation and in arbitration courts. In our experience, most conflicts over intellectual property can be satisfactorily resolved faster and at a lower cost using these methods.


Our IP lawyers will, therefore, always try to first mediate a resolution between the parties, allowing the matter to be settled as amicably as possible. With a strong negotiation-based legal practice, we have an exceptional track history of successfully resolving IP claims this way, reducing our clients’ litigation costs as well as saving them time and unnecessary stress.


However, where court action is required to defend your IP, we have the skills and expertise to provide the best representation possible. Our team has extensive experience with IP litigation in court in order to provide an honest assessment of your case and ensure no detail is missed or legal angle overlooked, helping you to achieve the best available outcome.


Our IP litigation services include matters related to:


  • IP infringement

  • Nullity

  • Infringement of incorporeal rights

  • Violation of IP licences

  • Complex patent disputes

  • IP enforcement


Aside from our IP litigation services, we also offer a comprehensive range of other IP services, for all areas of Brazilian IP law.


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If you need assistance with any type of IP litigation in Brazil, our highly experienced specialized intellectual property lawyers will be happy to help.

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