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Legal Translation

We offer a specialist legal translation service as part of our overall IP services or as a one-off service for IP lawyers who need assistance with this element of IP filings and other IP procedures. By using translators with technical backgrounds who specialise in IP work, we can ensure accurate, cost-effective translations where no detail is overlooked.

You can call us on +55.21.3747.1843, email us at or use the contact form to ask us a question.

Translating documents is often a key part of dealing with intellectual property law, especially when making filings and handling prosecutions. With this kind of work, the details really matter, which is why we offer a specialist translation service you can truly rely on.


Unlike many translation services, we use technical translators who specialise in the area of work related to your case and have a strong technical background. This allows us to ensure your documents are translated efficiently, cost-effectively and, most importantly, that all of the key legal details are translated the right way by people who understand their significance.


Experience shows us that badly translated documents cost businesses time and money, so we are committed to making sure your clients get accurate translations, quickly and without hassle. That way, you and your client avoid unnecessary delays and additional cost later on with office actions or misinterpretations in court.


We also recognise that having documents translated is often the most cost-intensive part of any patent national phase filing. Our highly experienced in-house translation team and network of trusted external translators can help to reduce your costs by using their expertise, combined with the latest Translation Memory (TM) technology and best practices. This allows us to keep our service fast, accurate and cost-effective for you and your clients.


With our legal translation service in Brazil we offer:


  • Highly accurate translations

  • Competitive pricing

  • Fast turnarounds

  • Tight quality control


To find out more about our legal translation services in Brazil, please get in touch.


As well as our legal translation services, we also offer a comprehensive range of other IP services, including IP litigation.


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If you need assistance with any aspect of IP law in Brazil, our highly experienced specialist intellectual property lawyers will be happy to help.

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