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IP Annuity Payment Services in Brazil

Securing a patent is an important milestone for a business, but maintaining that patent is just as important for the business’s long-term success. Annuity payments must be made on time and in full to prevent a patent from lapsing, so this is something you and your clients cannot afford to take risk with

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We offer a cost-effective and reliable IP annuity payment service, taking the burden of making these payments out of your hands. As well as streamlining your IP payments, we can also offer proactive advice to help your clients manage their IP portfolio and maximise their intellectual property’s value to their business.


Our team can also take charge of patent renewal payments, ensuring there is no risk of your client’s IP protections lapsing due to a missed payment or other administrative errors. We use secure systems and best practice processes, so you can have complete peace of mind that your client’s IP will be safe at all times in our hands.


We use the latest technology so you and your clients can easily stay on top of the status of specific annuity and renewal payments. We will also keep you up-to-date with any changes to Brazilian patent law or other issues that could affect your clients, ensuring that they always stay protected.


By providing a fully managed patent annuity service for the Brazilian market to people worldwide, we make it simple, cost-effective and safe to manage your files..


To find out more about our IP annuity payment services in Brazil, please get in touch.


As well as our legal translation services, we also offer a comprehensive range of other IP services, including IP litigation.


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If you need assistance with any aspect of IP law in Brazil, our highly experienced specialist intellectual property lawyers will be happy to help.

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