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Msantos at a glance

We offer a wide range of IP services for businesses, in-house legal counsels and law firms in the US, Europe and the rest of the world who need help dealing with intellectual property law in Brazil.


Our team can offer an end-to-end service for your IP needs or handle specific parts of IP procedures, integrating seamlessly with your own internal processes We can also offer cost-effective support for routine administrative tasks, such as high-volume translations, recordation, filings and annuity payments.

To discuss how we can help you with any area of Brazilian IP law, please get in touch.

IP Filings


We can assist with every stage of IP filings in Brazil or take care of individual steps in the process, depending on your needs. We have extensive experience with all types of IP filings, including trademarks, parents and copyrights. Various members of our team have backgrounds in fields including mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, bio-science and chemistry, allowing us to offer strong technical insight alongside our legal expertise.


IP Licensing


Whether you are looking to licence your IP to a company in Brazil or are a Brazilian business that needs to licence IP from another rights-holders, we can guide you through the necessary procedures. This includes drafting, reviewing and negotiating amendments to licensing agreements where required, as well as dealing with licensing fees and all other administrative elements of IP licensing.


IP Litigation


Our litigation team have over 25 years of combined intellectual property litigation experience, having achieved positive outcomes in even the most complex and contentious cases. We are often able to resolve IP disputes through mediation and the arbitration courts, but also have very strong court experience, so can always offer the best approach to defend your intellectual property.


Find out more about our IP litigation service.



Legal Translation Service


We offer a specialist legal translation service as part of our overall IP services or as a one-off service for IP lawyers who need assistance with this element of IP filings and other IP procedures. By using translators with technical backgrounds who specialise in IP work, we can ensure accurate, cost-effective translations where no detail is overlooked.


Find out more about our legal translation service.


IP Agency Services


We act for many clients as their local IP agency in Brazil. This involves assisting with specific parts of IP law, such as reviewing IP portfolios, carrying out due diligence, translating legal documents and handling annuity payments for IP licensing. All of these services are carried our in-house IP experts, ensuring every detail is handled with exceptional precision and care.


Find out more about our IP agency services.


Volume Agency Services


Many of our clients come to us for help with large volume IP filings, renewals, annuity payments and other routine administrative aspects of IP procedures. By using streamlined processes and working with high-efficiency and strong attention to detail, we can handle key parts of these procedures reliably and cost-effectively, saving you time and money.


Find out more about our volume agency services.




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If you need assistance with any aspect of IP law in Brazil, our highly experienced specialist intellectual property lawyers will be happy to help.


You can call us on +55.21.3747.1843, email us at or use the contact form to ask us a question.

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