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IP Agency Services

We act for many clients as their local IP agency in Brazil. This involves assisting with specific parts of IP law, such as reviewing IP portfolios, carrying out due diligence, translating legal documents and handling annuity payments for IP licensing. All of these services are carried our in-house IP experts, ensuring every detail is handled with exceptional precision and care

You can call us on +55.21.3747.1843, email us at or use the contact form to ask us a question.

Many of our clients come to us looking for help with the administrative side of IP law. This can involve everything from reviewing large IP portfolios and carrying out due diligence to mass recordations, as well as handling annuity payments for patents and renewal services for trademarks.


By acting as your IP agency in Brazil, our team can handle all of these secondary routines for you, reliably and cost-effectively. Allowing us to look after these administrative issues can save your client a significant amount of time and potential headaches while giving you complete confidence that all of the important details are taken care of.


Our highlevel of expertise in all areas of Brazilian IP law also means we can quickly identify any potential issues that could negatively impact yours or your clients’ businesses. We can then suggest the appropriate action to ensure your interests and those of your clients stay protected.


Our Brazilian IP agency services include:


  1. IP portfolio reports and reviews

  2. IP due diligence

  3. Volume file recording and file updating

  4. Legal translation services 

  5. Annuity payments (handling more than 5000 individual case payments a year)


Although much of it is a considerable ammount of work, delivered at a very competitive price, this does not mean littleattention to detail. All of our IP agency work is handled in house by our own experts, meaning every task is carried out with exceptional precision and care.


Aside from our IP agency services, we also offer a comprehensive range of other IP services, including IP litigation.


Wondering who the people behind MSantos Intellectual Property are? Take a look at who we areWant to know what makes us the right law firm for you? Check out why we think you should work with us.


If you need assistance with any aspect of IP law in Brazil, our highly experienced specialized intellectual property lawyers will be happy to help.

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